Amazon Starts Extended Returns Period Until January 31 For Christmas

Amazon will start – even if it’s still some time to go with Christmas – on November 1st with its extended return period for buying gifts. It is now the case that goods can be returned until January 31st. But there are a few things to consider.

The extended return periods only apply under special conditions. Amazon has published a special page on the topic where you can read everything important. It applies, for example, to all items that are offered directly by Amazon. The long deadlines apply to all items purchased after November 1st. It also applies to all items purchased up to and including New Year’s Eve.

Return option now until the end of January 2022

These purchases can be exchanged under the regular return policy until the end of January. In addition, the extended period only applies to Amazon direct and to commercial marketplace sellers on If you are unsure who is actually the seller of an offer, simply pay attention to the seller on the offer page or contact the seller before completing the purchase and ask.

Amazon sums it up like this: The extended right of return applies to purchases made directly from, to third-party orders sent by Amazon, and to items that are offered with the Prime logo and are sold and shipped by third-party suppliers. “Please note that individual return conditions apply to items sent by third-party providers without the Prime logo. Statutory return rights remain unaffected.”

That means “return guarantee”

So if you have bet on a supposedly wrong gift, you can give it back well after the festival. The same exclusions apply to Amazon’s so-called return guarantee as under the right of withdrawal. This means that some product groups cannot be returned under the return guarantee, but only if they are defective.

These exceptions for articles are, for example, sealed products such as software that is delivered with a seal or personalized articles. Exceptions are also made in the context of health protection or for reasons of hygiene, as well as for goods that can spoil quickly or whose expiration date would quickly be exceeded. Further exceptions can be found on the Amazon support page. So you can basically lookout for offers and buy gifts from November 1st without having to keep the regular return deadlines in mind – you can confidently exchange goods after the festivities.