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Amazon Rewards Prime Customers For Longer Delivery Times


Amazon takes some interesting measures in the corona crisis: Those who voluntarily wait longer for their orders will be rewarded by the US retails giant.

Prime subscription to Amazon is allowed to appreciate normally rapid delivery. In times of the Corona crisis, however, less and less of this can be seen. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that demand from online mail-order companies is skyrocketing every day due to the closure of brick-and-mortar stores. On the other hand, the US company recently announced that it would temporarily prioritize deliveries of medicines and essential household goods. If you order a new smartphone or a game console from Amazon, for example, you can expect a more or less long delivery time. In order to sweeten the waiting time for the affected customers, the online retail giant has now come up with something extraordinary.

Amazon Pays $ 3 for longer waits

As AndroidPolice reports, Prime customers in the USA have the option to voluntarily forego fast delivery with the so-called “Free No-Rush Delivery”. In return, Amazon offers a $ 3 coupon per order. These can then be redeemed for digital content such as books in the Kindle Store or for films and series on Prime Video. In summary, this means that Amazon pays customers for waiting for their purchased products in order to be able to deliver orders from “people in need” who order essential items from the online mail-order giant as quickly as possible.

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