Amazon releases the Echo Hub, a new smart home control panel

Smart home appliances are gaining popularity. Amazon has now come forward with the Amazon Echo Hub. You might be considering that it is a conventional smart display or tablet. It is not. Actually, it can be mounted on a wall. The company has introduced it to modify its Echo series of smart hardware. It is a control panel that will help users control the different smart gadgets in their home.

Details about the Amazon Echo Hub

The Amazon Echo Hub consists of an 8-inch display. The most exciting part of this is that it can be placed on a wall. The company might introduce it with a stand accessory that is quite good since it can be removed easily. The Echo Hub might operate similarly to the Alexa-powered smart speakers. Voice commands will be used to control all the smart home devices. Furthermore, users will have access to live feeds via security cameras.

The Echo Hub features a customizable dashboard. Users can set their preferred layout. The company has debuted the Echo Hub with a future perspective in mind. The device will be compatible with Amazon’s new Map View UI, which is expected to arrive next year. Thankfully, Echo Hub is compatible with several smart home products, like Samsung’s SmartThings.

When it comes to pricing, the Amazon Echo Hub is priced at $180. It is quite an affordable option for users who intend to integrate smart devices but at lower prices. The price tag included by Amazon is cost-effective, given the other smart hubs that are priced at $300 or more.

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