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Amazon prime video interface and phone controversy

Amazon prime video interface

Amazon is working on a redesign of its mobile prime video interface, yesterday the company has presented a bunch of updates on the Television Critics Association Press tour, and the updates are regarding their upcoming television projects.

According to Amazon Studio head Jen Salke, while speaking to The Wrap, she has not only seen a prototype with a new interface but she has one in her office as well.

There was confusion about her explanation; she was asked if Amazon is working on a new phone, she said in a reply that she had a prototype phone with the new user interface—The Verge reported.

Later Amazon clarified that she was only referring to the new user interface for the prime video app and not a prototype phone. Salke, manages the company’s growing studio affairs, she also said that she hasn’t put any deadline or urgency for the new interface. However, it in the middle of development and coming soon hopefully, she said.

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Some critics say, Amazon might be working on a phone and do not want to let anybody know about it as yet but she has slipped it out accidentally. Well, it could be possible, that Amazon is working on a phone which is different from the phones in the market and they want to keep it a secret until it’s fully developed.

But she also said she criticized some of the things she saw on the prototype; she also said that the developers actually created and sent me prototype phone in my office for the comment also described the user interface.

The Verge later removed the references to phone’s hardware and cleared that she was only referring to Prime video interface and not the prototype phone.

Do you really believe that story? I doubt it, how can you talk about two different things at the same time separately and say I am only referring to one thing? What do you think about it, please leave your comments below.

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