Amazon Likely To Produce Fallout Series

The Fallout series has enjoyed cult status among gamers for many years and offers a world that is literally made for a series. And in fact, a series is being created for Amazon Prime Video. However, not much is known about this yet. Now there is at least a new leak.

The prominent team behind the Fallout series

Three years ago, Amazon announced that it would produce a series set in the Fallout universe. This is also done by a top-class team because it is being produced by Kilter Films, the production company that created an HBO hit with Westworld.

Co-creator and showrunner is none other than Jonathan Nolan. Christopher Nolan’s brother has made an excellent name for himself as a screenwriter in the past and has written, among other things, The Dark Knight and Interstellar. He has also worked intensively and successfully on television, namely at Westworld and Person of Interest. He is assisted by Geneva Robertson-Dworet (“Captain Marvel”, “Tomb Raider”).

But what the series is actually about is practically unknown. The only thing that is clear is that Vault 33 will play a role in the story. Clues come only from unofficial sources, and that primarily means fans trying to interpret leaked footage from the shoot.

New footage from the shooting has now surfaced, shared by Xbox News on Twitter and X respectively. These show a factory site with Fallout’s signature retro-futuristic burned-out cars, dead plants, and most importantly, a huge Vault-Tech logo painted on the ground. The pictures were apparently taken during filming because you can see some of them – but they don’t really allow any conclusions to be drawn about the plot.

The only thing that is clear is that the Fallout series will tell a completely new story and will not pick up any story that occurred in the games. Co-author Robertson-Dworet: “It’s just a crazy fun adventure and mindfuck like you’ve never seen before. It’s pretty cool.”