Amazon is working on the development of Olympus, an AI model

2023 has been the year of Artificial Intelligence. The competition and race in AI are increasing all the time. Several companies have joined the AI revolution by either incorporating already-existing AI features into their services and products or by introducing their own AI chatbots and services. Amazon is well-known because of its AI assistant, Alexa. According to some recent pieces of information, the company is all set to introduce its own AI model. Reportedly, the company is working on an AL model named Olympus.

Currently, there are no details on when the model will be made public. However, we have a few details from anonymous sources about the new AI model. According to reports, the model is based on 2 trillion parameters. Well, this is quite huge but good at the same time since the more parameters, the better. In contrast, GPT-4 comprises about 1 trillion parameters.

It appears that GPT-4 is not the only future LLM that is competing with it. Google Gemini is expected to put up a strong battle against GPT-4. There are not many details about the upcoming AI model; however, we do have some information about the team working behind it. Rohit Prasad, the former head of Amazon Alexa, is leading the team. He has been tasked with enlisting the assistance of business experts to work on the bot.

It is unknown what the functions of this AI model will be. The company is making huge investments in Olympus. As far as we know about the model, it could be a direct competitor to other AI models on the market…

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