Amazon is testing a latest rating system that is already confusing users

As reported, Amazon has started testing various kinds of rating systems in various regions. However, this latest program is a bit confusing. As per critiques, this latest rating method makes it hard for buyers to see a product’s ranking on the platform.

This latest rating system was spotted in India on the Amazon mobile app, along with the company’s German website, as well as on the site when it was accessed from Germany. The average rating number is displayed for users in numeric form. You can see a gold star along with a number that displays the percentage of five-star ratings.

Amazon is updated with a latest rating system

If this latest feature is still unavailable in your region, you can see the rating in the form of stars along with its reviews. This rating system on the platform has been there for a long time, and buyers are pretty much used to its simplicity.

The issue with the new rating method is that people can’t determine right away if a product has received positive reviews from previous customers. The only metric is the percentage of five-star reviews, which some users may find puzzling. Furthermore, dishonest vendors might con customers into purchasing a product that has received poor reviews by using the complexities of this new rating system.

Some of the biggest areas for Amazon are where the new approach is being tested. This increases our confidence that it will soon spread to other countries, including the United States. The Verge received a statement from Maria Boschetti, an Amazon spokesperson, who stated, “We are always innovating on behalf of customers to provide the best possible shopping experience.”

Amazon has always struggled with fake reviews and shoppers being duped by false 5-star reviews. According to reports, the large store intends to do away with its star ranking and implement a new one. Additionally, the platform uses generative AI to compile user reviews.