Amazon Fixes Problem With Amazon AppStore And Android 12

Amazon App Store

For weeks, Android users who download apps from Amazon’s Appstore have been wondering why they no longer work in conjunction with Android 12. Now there is an update – it looks like the problem has been resolved.

This is now reported by Engadget, among others. Amazon’s app store is now finally working reliably again on Android 12. Amazon has fixed the problem that led to customers with Android 12 smartphones not being able to use apps that they had downloaded from the Amazon app store.

Amazon’s opinion

We have released a fix for an issue that affects the launch of apps for Amazon Appstore customers who have upgraded their mobile devices to Android 12,” a company spokesman told Engadget on Friday. “We are contacting our customers and telling them how they can update their Appstore experience. We apologize for any interruption this has caused.

Reports of applications from the Appstore that no longer work on Android 12 surfaced as early as the end of October.

Right at the start of the provision of the new mobile operating system, there were reports from users that the app store simply no longer worked without any error messages. In addition, there were also problems for apps that were downloaded to the devices from Amazon’s app store before the upgrade to Android 12. This was due to DRM licenses, which are usually managed through the store. Users of devices like the Google Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 found that they couldn’t run software that they had previously downloaded from the app store.

There were also reports that no apps were showing up in the marketplace. According to some reports, the problem was not said to have been very widespread – in other words, not all users had these problems with the store and the apps after the upgrade. How many users were actually affected and what ultimately triggered the error remains unknown.