Amazon Echo is now available in Marriott Hotels

Amazon has partnered with US Marriott hotels to bring in Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa to some of the US Marriott hotels.

Amazon’s Echo would be quite beneficial for luxurious feel in the hotels, the features will include ordering room service, housekeeping requests if you need new bedsheets or a feather pillow and providing concierge services, the company said.

This is not the first time Amazon has approached hospitality industry to get to use their intelligent software for their services, Amazon has already installed Echo in 5000 hotels of Wynn Resorts chain in Las Vegas couple of years ago.

A spokesperson said Marriott considered both Alexa and Apple’s Siri before deciding to install Amazon’s Echo/Alexa, the deal with Amazon was not exclusive, he told Financial Times.

Tracey Schroeder, Marriott’s Vice President of global consumer public relations said, “This was not a direct comparison with Siri” although we have considered both for installation.

Aloft Hotels owned by Marriott introduced voice controlled hotel rooms in 2016, the rooms had Siri voice assistant and a custom-developed app on iPad.

The growing technological dependency and needs of hyper-connected global travelers are changing fast, people need the level of personalization like never before, people would love to control their hotel experience with the voice command, said global brand Brain McGuiness.

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However, the change is not admired by everyone, some people would like to do the things on their own without any voice assistant, Kate Allen, journalist tweeted, “I will pay a premium for any hotel room that does not have one of these devices in it”, “Alexa Can you please leave the room?” She quipped.

But most of the people staying at the voice assisted rooms would definitely like the experience; it would be an additional service to automate all the services required by the hotel guests providing a feel of an additional luxurious service.