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All you need to know about the tussle between Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat

It was all started with the launching of the official anthem of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 which was sung by four Pakistani singers including, Ali Azmat and Arif Lohar.

The official anthem of the PSL 2020 “Tayaar Hain” was sung by Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Muhammad Haroon, and Asim Azhar. It was the first anthem in the five-year history of the PSL which was begun criticizing right after the launching of it.

Several fans of the PSL showed disappointment over the much-awaited song by expressing their thoughts on the social media platform. Although, several people enjoyed the song but the number of critics was far higher.

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People, on the social media platforms, started comparing the current anthem with the most-liked anthem which was previously sung by Ali Zafar, “Ab Khel Jamay Ga”.

During an interview with a private TV channel, Ali Azmat—the lead singer of the anthem—accused Ali Zafar of hiring the paid bloggers to start a campaign against the PSL 2020’s anthem to malign current version of the PSL anthem.

After the accusations from the side of Ali Azmat, Zafar released a video on the social media in which, he taunted Ali Azmat’s accusations by saying, “I am very powerful. I have many bloggers working on my pay role and I can do anything I want. Do you know who was behind the selection of US President Donald Trump? Me…!” In the video message, he further mocked Ali Azmat by playing his song “ Ab Khel Jamay Ga”.

Ali Zafar, in an interview, vowed to release a new unofficial version of the anthem to entertain the angry people of Pakistan, already started working on it, and people are waiting for it.

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