All You Need to Know About the Ongoing Sham Idrees And Ducky Bhai Dispute

The Canada based bloggers—Sham Idrees and Froggy are once again in the mid of extreme internet trolling. All of this started when other You Tubers, particularly—Ducky Bhai took it upon himself to reveal the lies and the scripted pranks which were being posted by Sham Idrees on his YouTube channel and being shown to people via various social media platforms.

Twitter got crazy over the video of Ducky Bhai. All was under control until Froggy started using the word “Pakistan” and “Pakistani’s” in her tweets. That was the point when things went crazier and people started trolling Sham and Froggy.

The video made by Ducky Bhai went so viral that it became the number one trending video on YouTube.

Ducky Bhai was not the only one believing that Sham Idrees is fake and is making everyone a fool. Other You Tubers like Daniyal Khan also made a video even providing proofs of how the duo—Sham and Froggy plays with the minds of people.

The couple—who is expected to get married soon (as per their posted videos) is losing their subscribers really fast as more people are coming together against them and calling their content words like “fake” and “copied”.

As per the claims of Ducky Bhai, Sham Idrees has banned words like “Fake”. “copied”, “drama” and many more such words from his YouTube account but that also did not stop people from speaking their minds out.

People got super furious when the advocates of “#respectHijab” Froggy and Sham made a hip-hop/ rap dance and music video while Froggy featured in it all the time wearing Hijab. They even made a video titled as “hijab pulling prank” which was later renamed.

Froggy tried and did post a response video where she indicated a few things which were not enough for people considering the lies and the damage that has been done already.

The videos they make are not even funny at times.

However, some fans who are true to the duo are still sending their love and support for them by replying online to hate.

A poll was conducted by one Twitter user in which around 863 people took part by voting for who they consider is fake and the results obtained are pretty clear.

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