All you need to know about the First Movie Ever Made


What was the first movie that was ever made? It was back in the 1880s that people started experimenting with pictures, blending them together to give an impression of a motion picture.

One of the first motion photography ever done was in the form of The Horse In Motion (1878). Using multiple cameras and assembling the individual pictures in a single motion picture, this first motion picture was made. It basically gave an answer to one of the highly debated questions of that time.

The question was that ‘Are all 4 horse’s hooves ever off the ground at the same time while the horse gallops? The video showed that they actually were and thus, this video gave birth to motion photography.    

The world’s earliest known motion-picture film was Roundhay Garden Scene (1888). The film was directed by the French inventor named Louis Le Prince. The picture film was just 2.11 seconds long. Thus technically we can call it a movie. Guinness Book of Records has called this the world’s oldest surviving film.

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The arrival of a Train made in 1895 is the 50-second silent film that shows a train entering pulled by a steam locomotive into a train station of the coastal town in France ‘La Ciotat’. The view is single and unedited showing an aspect of everyday life. The film has one continuous real-time shot.

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