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All you need to know about Spoken Languages in Pakistan

74 languages are spoken in Pakistan out of which 66 languages are local and eight are foreign. Around 210 million people living in Pakistan. Different communities inhabit in Pakistan having distinct traditions, customs, food, languages, and dialects.

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu but as per Ethnologue only 10% of the people in Pakistan can speak Urdu. 48% of the Pakistanis speak Punjab, 12% speak Sindhi, 10% speak Seraiki, 10% speak English, 8% speak Pashto, 3% speak Balochi, 2% speak Hindko and just 1% speak Brahui.

A professor at LUMS University Dr. Rasul Bux Rais said that the mother language is extremely important.  Almost 10 to 12 dialects are spoken in Pakistan and due to slight changes in every area, the dialects keep increasing.

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As per Dr. Rais work is being done for past two years to preserve the dialects.

Adding, “Urdu is not as developed as French or German. It is alright if people don’t get educated in Urdu.”

Around the world, almost 7457 languages are spoken out of which 360 are dead. They are not spoken anymore. Thus it is important that we make an effort to preserve our national language and other dialects.