All you need to know about Schools , Universities Reopening Schedule

In this article, we will tell our readers about the schools, universities’ reopening schedule. If the National Coordination Committee (NCC) approves, schools are to be reopened in September, the education ministers revealed. Similarly, HEC proposed that universities can reopen in the province in phases from August 3. Students will be permitted to get back, return in phases from next month.

During the interprovincial education ministers virtual conference it was decided that schools will reopen in September’s first week only if the Ministry of National Health Services grant permission and NCC approves. Earlier NCC decided to close the schools till 15th July.

Many proposals were discussed catering to the closing of schools further or else reopening them from 16th July.

There was a detailed discussion on it and then decided that schools must remain closed till the first week of September and only reopen after the COVID-19 situation is reviewed under SOPs.

The examinations of professional groups including medical, engineering, and religious groups exams were discussed. It was proposed that exams should be held by taking precautions like keeping 6 feet of distance between every individual, and ensuring that everyone wears masks and gloves.

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“Two major policy decisions were taken today. First, the participants of the meeting recommended extending the closure of institutions until the first week of September. Secondly, the meeting also showed a willingness to allow professional exams to be conducted under strict SOPs,” a source said.

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