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All you need to know about Lahore Orange Line Metro Train – Release Date & Fare


Lahore Orange Line Metro Train is nearing its official launch. In this article, we will tell our readers all they need to know about the Orange Line Metro Train, its release date and the expected fare.

A testing phase will start of the 27-km long electric train, starting next week.

It has been deliberated by the Punjab Finance Department regarding the fare of the first modern mass transit system in Pakistan.

The provincial government wants to keep the fare between Rs40 to Rs.50 for a single trip as revealed in the initial proposal from the finance department.

On Dec 10th the test run of the metro train will begin and its official launch for the public will be in March 2020.

Punjab Transport Secretary, Asad Rehman Gilani regarding the launch of the project said that it still requires many tests before it is officially launched.

During the process, just 5 bogies will be attached to the engine to cover 27km distance in 35 minutes.

There are 26 stations of the orange line metro train. 24 of them are elevated and 2 are underground.

Overall there are 27 trains, each having 5 bogies and 60 seats. For women, senior citizens and special people there will be a separate portion.

The construction work on the project started back in 2014, however , it was stopped after the Lahore Development Authority remained unsuccessful to release funds for the construction of firms. Then in 2018, the court had given directives to the authority for releasing funds worth Rs.400 million and Rs.600 million for contractors after which the construction work resumed.

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