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All you need to know about Islamabad Sit-in Issue

What is the issue?

The issue is that from a couple of weeks now Islamabad is closed down by hundreds of Islamists belonging from various religious parties.

What is their demand?

Resignation of Federal Law Minister of Pakistan

But Why?

They want his resignation over an omitted reference to the Prophet Muhammad in a constitutional bill.

What is the response of Law Minister?

He apologized by terming the constitutional amendment a “clerical mistake”.

But the protest in Islamabad continues…

What action has IHC taken?

Islamabad High Court ordered Pakistan government to make sure that protestors leave the capital within a day, but they didn’t. Government asked IHC to give them more time. On Monday IHC took a “suo moto” notice and demanded government reason for the delay in negotiation. The government has totally no control of the situation.

What is the current situation of Islamabad Sit-in?

Protestors are adamant on their demand. The warnings by the government have been ignored. They vow to confront the government to protect their belief in “the absolute finality of Prophet-hood of Muhammad.”

How is the public suffering in Islamabad?

You close down the roads, protest in the federal capital of Pakistan and you don’t do it for a day, you sit there for more than two weeks, how will the general public suffer?

It is getting really difficult for people to get to their offices, young children are unable to attend schools, lectures are getting missed, marketplaces, businesses are suffering. Our government fails us once again and our religious parties remain ignorant.

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And to all the girls who are unable to go school because of this sit in, this is the response of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) chief Maulana Khadim Hussain Rizvi “Thank God that some girl couldn’t go to school. Prophet’s (SAW) honor was the biggest issue of the world. So what if girls couldn’t go to school. They get failed as well. They can continue their studies a year later.”

The situation in Islamabad has aggravated. It doesn’t seem to end despite the deadlines given by IHC and the government seems helpless. Let’s see if the government and religious parties come to a consensus or not.