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All you need to know about Coke Studio Season 12

In this article, we will tell our readers all they need to know about Coke Studio Season 12. The highly hyped season is returning and this time it is coming back with its mastermind, Rohail Hyatt. Yes, you read it right. Hyatt is back as a producer for Season 12 of Coke Studio.

When will the season start? Coke Studio Season 12 is scheduled to start in early October.

The lineup for Season 12 includes Ali Sethi and Abrar-ul-Haq among many others. Rumor has it that Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig, and Zeb Bangash will also bless Coke Studio with their phenomenal singing skills.

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As per a source at Coke Studio, “We can also confirm that Atif Aslam will be playing a major part in the show.”

Atif also confirmed it saying, “Yes, I am an integral part of the show, and there are a number of compositions that I have worked on. There will be a collaboration and the genres vary from zikr to khayal gayeki to a more hip melody.”

About the songs, Atif said, “I actually came up with a selection of songs and then, the CS organizers tried to arrange copyrights for them. I then worked with the entire team, including Rohail, on the songs for which we managed to get the rights.”

There will be a mix of old and new artists as the source said, “Rohail is planning to present a mix of old artistes and new. We can’t really confirm how the season will start off because things are still being planned. Also, even the songs for later episodes are decided over time. The first episode acts as a tester which allows us to gauge the vibe that people are responding to. The later episodes are then planned accordingly.”

As October approaches we will have more details regarding the show. Till then, this is all we have for our readers.

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