All you need to know about Coke Studio Season 11

Coke Studio Season 11 is starting soon and here is all we know about the season till now.

New Producers – Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi

Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs & Communications Coca-Cola Pakistan said, “You’ll see and feel a lot of new things in the coming season. Not only because of the fact that there are new producers, but some things have been changed like the look and feel of the set, to the music, to the instruments.”

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Talking about the lineup he said,  “You’ll see some of the biggest names, new artists, unexpected faces, and individuals as well. The big names will be there. We feel there’s a value of people coming back and performing again. For example, Ali Sethi; people like him give so much variety. People love what he does, how he does it. From ‘Tinak Dhin’ to classical, people like him offer so much variety to Coke Studio. Our producers love it! They have to be on Coke Studio.”

Coke Studio Explorer

Coke Studio Season 11 will be different as a new segment has been introduced by the makers in which the producers have traveled to various parts of Pakistan to discover talent and explore new voices.

Coke Studio Explorer will be a five-episode series that unravels the hidden talent of the country.

“Mishal Khawaja who represents Lahore is an Instagram star who lives in Toronto and also has made her way into Coke Studio Explorer log”

“Two Kalash girls, Ariana and Amrina, will be featured on Coke Studio Explorer. Their inspiration is US pop star Ariana Grande.”

“This season is all about traveling to different parts of Pakistan to shine a light on unexplored spaces, the traditions and stories that live in those spaces and the varied talent from Baluchistan, Sindh, Kashmir that deserves to be heard.”

Aima Baig & Momina Mustehsan

Yes, the girls are back for Coke Studio Season 11.

Here is there first look for the season

So are you guys excited for Coke Studio Season 11?

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