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All UK Flights Cancelled over Strike; British Airways

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As per British Airways, all the UK flights cancelled due to strike.

The airline says that they have been forced to cancel all the flights on the first day of the strike, which has been declared by the pilots in the United Kingdom.

The BA (British Airways) is guilty and made this statement that the pay dispute hasn’t been resolved yet which resulted in a strike made by pilots.

Airlines is willing to talk to the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA).

BALPA did not provide information that which pilots would be going on strike, and which would not, as there is no way of knowing how many pilots would come for their duties or which aeroplane they are eligible to fly, these reasons made the airline to come to this decision of cancelling nearly 100percent of their flights.

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There has been a 9-month long pay dispute going on with 4,300 pilots which could disturb the travelling plans of around 300,000 people.

The pilots are going to continue this strike on Tuesday as well; also, they are threatening to have a strike on 27th September and then again during the winter holidays.

The airline offered an increase of about 11.5percent in the salaries which is being rejected by the BALPA.

According to British Airways, this offer could have brought a lot of benefits and the pilots would have received a World-class pay of around £200,000 (which means $246,000) per year.

BA also says that there are 2 other unions representing 90percent of the airlines’ workers, they have accepted the offer of 11.5% raise.

BALPA defy that co-pilots average salary is around £70,000 and the junior one drops down to £26,000.

This results in leaving some people in debts since they need to undergo training first which as per estimates costs around £100,000.

BALPA also mentioned that nearly 10percent pre-tax profits have been reported by the BA’s parent company IAG last year.

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