All Teachers to Deliver Online Classes from Schools – APSA

Chairperson All Private Schools Association (APSA), Tariq Shah, has confirmed that the private school teachers will now be given all the facilities important to hold online classes from the schools’ premises.

APSA received permission from the government to conduct online classes from schools. This was revealed by Shah during an interview with a local media outlet.

Using their own resources teachers delivered online lectures as schools were closed amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Due to this APSA was not able to provide teachers with the facilities to conduct the online classes from their homes.

Also, APSA made sure that all the schools give salaries to the teachers and other staff regardless of the COVID-19 situation. But still, there were some schools that were compelled to lay off the staff employed on the contract basis due to the economic situation amidst the lockdown.

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For both the students and teachers, adapting to this new system of online classes was quite challenging. They had to shift from the long-standing conventional way of teaching and adopt the technological changes enforced upon them. Thus there are problems and issues faced, which APSA will try to resolve.

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