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All Schools in Lahore to Remain Closed Tomorrow

schools in Lahore

All the schools in Lahore are to remain closed tomorrow.

Due to dense smog, both private and public schools in Lahore are suspended for tomorrow.

Schools in Faisalabad and Gujranwala will also be closed on Friday.

An official notification has been given out by the Punjab School Education Department blaming smog as the reason behind schools closure.

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The levels of air quality are increasing day by day. Although the citizens are filing reports in the Lahore high court which are being ignored by saying that everything is fine. There is a possibility that people in Pakistan have a different perception regarding the quality of air. The air which is considered to be dangerous in many other countries is moderate for Pakistan, this in no way means that the lungs of Pakistanis could survive this air.

There are 2 websites responsible to measure the air quality which is and Both websites have clearly said that the air in Lahore is very unhealthy.

In Pakistan, this air quality which is at an index of 200-300 is considered moderately polluted and in other countries, it is said to be very unhealthy.

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