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All Pakistan Newspapers society rejects government control over ads

The government is seeking to strengthen Press Information Department PID and proposed to channelize all promotional advertisements through PID to local Newspapers, TV, and Radio.

It was reported earlier that Government is seeking approval from all the stakeholders to implement the new policy of advertisements, according to the policy all the promotional advertisements will only be released by PID to all newspapers, TV and radio channels. The policy also proposed to categorize Newspapers, TV and Radio channels to get better control over advertisements, The News reported.

However, the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) has rejected the federal government’s new policy for advertisements. In this regard, an emergency meeting was called and held by the regional committee APNS in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

All the participants of the meeting unanimously rejected the government’s advertisement policy which could impact the local and regional newspapers. The meeting urged the government to revisit its policy in a press release.

They said that magazines and newspapers would not accept this one-sided controlled policy at any cost and they will decide on the strategy to oppose this decision by the government. They have also decided during the meeting to come up with the future plan with the directions of the central leadership of APNS.