All models of the iPhone 16 series will come with a capacitive Action Button

In contrast to the base models of the iPhone 15 series (iPhone 15, and the iPhone 15 Plus), the Cupertino-based tech giant Apple debuted the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the Action Button. It is a replacement for the mute button that can be found on all models of the iPhone series, beginning with the first-generation model.

According to some recent pieces of information, the company will introduce the Action button to all members of the iPhone 16 series. Interestingly, the button will be upgraded as well. MacRumors claims that extensive evidence regarding the availability of Action button on all models of the upcoming series has been collected. For those who are considering purchasing one of these devices, that is excellent news, but there is even greater news in store.

The Action button will be upgraded

Instead of a mechanical button, the new iPhone 16 series will feature a capacitive action button, according to the publication. In simple words, the button will simply require touch gestures for operation rather than pressing it. In order to verify the input, we assume that touching the capacitive Action button will result in haptic feedback. The upgraded action button has been given the codename Altis.

The upgraded button comes with a force sensor that senses the amount of applied pressure, according to internal documentation. It suggests that the button could perform several actions depending on the amount of pressure applied to it. Furthermore, the “tact-switching functionality” could also be introduced with the new Action button. However, there are no details regarding the function of this feature. In addition to changing the working mechanism of the button, the company is also considering different sizes for the Action button.

An action button could also be introduced to the iPhone SE

MacRumors claims that the Action button might be added to the iPhone SE 4 as well, which is expected to arrive at some point in 2025. Apple may decide not to include a mute option on any further iPhone models once the Action button is included in the forthcoming iPhone SE.

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