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All About Apple iOS 14.5 Update And Features

iOS 14.5

The software updates for Apple iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are now available for download. Owners of compatible iPhones and iPads benefit from new unlocking methods, improved data protection options, emojis, Siri and gaming upgrades, and much more.

After a long beta test phase, Apple users now receive the update to iOS 14.5 and its tablet adaptation iPadOS 14.5. If the 1.2 GB update was not carried out automatically overnight, it can be downloaded and installed immediately via the settings (General -> Software update). One of the noteworthy innovations is the ability to unlock the iPhone in the future with the help of the Apple Watch as soon as the Face ID facial recognition detects a mouth and nose covering and thus the unlocking of the device would fail. Furthermore, Apple is turning the data protection screw.

With iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, the manufacturer introduces the so-called ATT framework (App Tracking Transparency). Users can thus decide comparatively easily whether app providers should have access to other programs in order to track them, for example, to deliver personalized advertising to them or to pass their data on to data brokers. Apart from that, the latest update sets the course for the use of the new Apple AirTag tracker and the extended functions of the “Where is?” App, which is now also activated for accessories from third parties.

Furthermore, Apple is improving the possibilities of 5G use with the dual SIM options of the iPhone 12 and is giving Siri various upgrades in combination with AirPods and Beats headphones, FaceTime group calls, and emergency contacts. The following patch notes also show improvements in the areas of Apple Music, podcasts, maps, reminders, translation, and CarPlay. Finally, gamers can look forward to the support of the new Xbox Series X and PS5 controllers, while Messenger will be equipped with new emojis.

Apple iOS 14.5 – Changelog

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

  • Ability to unlock iPhone X (and later) with Apple Watch Series 3 (and later) when trying to use Face ID while wearing a face mask

AirTag and app “Where is?”

  • AirTag support for private and secure tracking and finding of important objects such as keys, wallets or backpacks in the “Where is?” App
  • “Precise search” function with visual, acoustic and haptic feedback to help locate an AirTag in the vicinity – using the ultra-broadband technology of the U1 chip in iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models
  • AirTags can be located by playing a sound through the integrated loudspeaker.
  • Network for the app “Where is?” with millions of devices to help find an AirTag – even if it’s not nearby
  • In “Lost” mode, you will be notified when your AirTag is found. You can enter a phone number where you can be reached.


  • Support of separate skin colors for the individuals in all variations of the emoji “kissing couple” and “couple with heart”
  • New emoji faces, heart emojis, and “woman with a beard” emoji


  • If you wear AirPods or compatible Beats headphones, Siri can announce incoming calls using the caller’s name and answer them with your voice.
  • FaceTime group calls are supported through a Siri command to call a contact list or through a group name in the Messages app.
  • Emergency contacts can be called with Siri.


  • With the ATT framework (App Tracking Transparency) you can control which apps are allowed to track your activities in apps and on websites of other companies in order to offer you advertising or to pass on your data to data brokers.

Apple Music

  • You can now share the lyrics of your favorite songs via the “Messages” app, Facebook and Instagram Stories. Subscribers can play the song snippet in the Messages app without leaving the current conversation.
  • City charts show which titles are currently popular in more than 100 cities around the world.


  • The pages for the programs in the “Podcasts” app have been redesigned and make listening easier.
  • For quick access, episodes can be loaded and automatically added to your library and saved.
  • Download behavior and settings for notifications can be adjusted separately for each podcast.
  • Charts and popular categories in the search function make it easier to discover new programs.

5G optimizations

  • “Dual SIM” support enables 5G connectivity on the line that uses the mobile data network on iPhone 12 models.
  • Improvements to the “Smart Data” mode optimize the user experience in 5G networks through longer battery life and intelligent mobile data usage on iPhone 12 models.
  • International 5G roaming with supported carriers on iPhone 12 models


  • With Siri or by tapping the route map at the bottom of the screen and then tapping “Share Arrival Time”, you can tell others your estimated time of arrival when you are traveling by car, bike or on foot.


  • Reminders can be sorted by title, priority, date or creation date.
  • Option to print reminder lists


  • The playback speed of the translations can be adjusted by long pressing the play button.


  • Support for Xbox Series X | S wireless controllers or Sony PS5 DualSense ™ wireless controllers


  • New Siri commands or buttons in CarPlay make it easy to share the estimated time of arrival in the Maps app while driving.

This version also fixes the following issues:

  • Messages at the end of a conversation were hidden by the keyboard under certain conditions.
  • Deleted messages were still showing up in Spotlight search in some cases.
  • In some conversations, texts in the Messages app could not be sent permanently.
  • For some users, the Mail app did not load new emails until the device was restarted.
  • In the iPhone settings, the sections for blocking and identifying calls were missing.
  • iCloud tabs were not displayed in Safari in some cases.
  • In some cases, it was not possible to turn off the iCloud Keychain.
  • Reminders created with Siri were mistakenly scheduled for the early hours of the morning.
  • The battery health reporting system will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and maximum power for iPhone 11 models to correct inaccurate estimates in some users’ battery health reports (https://support.apple.com/HT212247).
  • Optimizations to prevent the display of a faint glow that could occur with reduced brightness and a black background on iPhone 12 models
  • The AutoSwitch feature was routing audio from the AirPods to the wrong device.
  • The notifications for the “Auto switch” function were missing or duplicated on the AirPods.

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