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Alibaba Launched Amazon Echo And Google Home Competitor—Tmall Genie

Chinese Version Of Echo Is Out There !!!!

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba comes up with its own “smart speaker” product like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, the company has announced today Tmall Genie.

Unlike Amazon Alexa which powers Amazon Echo as an assistant, Alibaba has developed its own voice assistant they call it “AliGenie”. However, Alibaba couldn’t come up with something new that is groundbreaking in the segment and offers almost similar functionality like Echo including; weather, news, music, smart home control and a range of other skills. The device can be activated by saying “Tmall Genie” in Mandarin/Chinese.  

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By using Tmall Genie you would be able to order products from Tmall, Tmall.com which is Alibaba’s shopping website. The device is equipped with voiceprint recognition which ensures that only authorized users can place the orders.

From chassis perspective the device looks similar to Echo, having cylinder shape black attire with light ring at the bottom which lightens up the device base when activated.

Tmall Genie is currently limited offered in limited beta for ¥499 makes it roughly equivalent to $73.39. Users can sign up for Tmall Genie on their website.

The first batch of devices is set to be delivered on 17th of July, customers who signed up for the device will be notified to complete their purchase in the middle of July.


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