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Ali Zafar Reminds Aamir Khan of His Promise to Visit Pakistan

In mid of all the election chaos and results, the Pakistani celeb star—Ali Zafar reminds Aamir Khan of his promise to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf under the leadership of Imran Khan has attained the maximum number of votes in the general elections 2018. Imran Khan is all ready to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistani fans of the Bollywood superstar-Aamir Khan have been urging him for visiting Pakistan for being a part of the victory celebrations, as he once vowed to visit Pakistan after Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister.

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The Fana actor made a vow to the PTI chairman—Imran Khan some five years back that he would be visiting Pakistan once Imran Khan becomes the prime minister of Pakistan. Aamir Khan’s fans have been tweeting and asking the superstar to fulfil his promise.

One of the fans went ahead with his request and asked singer cum actor—Ali Zafar to use his contacts in Bollywood and forward the message to the Dangal star. Ali Zafar on this tweeted an invitation to Aamir Khan for visiting Pakistan.

Back in the year 2012, during a media event, Aamir Khan had openly told Imran Khan that he would visit Pakistan for celebrating Khan’s political victory. He also said at that time that he would bring along a lot Indians with him for rejoicing the occurrence.

Aamir Khan has also applauded Imran Khan for his sincerity and determination for bringing wellness and prosperity in Pakistan.

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