Ali Zafar Openly Addresses Meesha Shafi’s Sexual Harassment Accusations

Ever since Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar regarding sexual harassment on multiple occasions has gone viral, people have been actively keeping an eye for any updates about the controversy. Recently the Channo singer for the first time ever since Meesha accused him spoke publicly about the matter.

In a recent interview conducted by Haroon Rahid on the BBC Asian Network, Ali Zafar spoke openly about the accusations charged against him.

He said while giving the interview that people would eventually be learning with time and the truth would unwind itself. He said that he has been saying since the first day when the whole issue surfaced that he would not be fighting the case on any social media platform instead he would follow the proper way and would take the matter professionally. He added that he has been seeking professional help and with time the law would provide justice to him.

When inquired if he may have knowingly or unknowingly caused any harm to the lady singer, his reply was a definite “No”. He said that it is impossible as she was a close family friend and also a good friend of his wife.

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Ali Zafar further mentioned that they did have a concert together and the jam Meesha refers to, there is a video and ten eyewitnessesses—out of them two were women. He continued that the witnesses have even stated publicly that they were present at the event and how could Meesha even think like this.

He added that he feels more hurt because of the entire occurrence as he has been working actively for women empowerment.

The singer cum actor did not seem a little bit worried of the fact that many people are making plans of boycotting his upcoming movie Teefa in Trouble. He said that he has no worry for it as he is on the right track and knows the truth so there is no need to worry as falsehood cannot remain long.

Back in April Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her on many occasions. Ali Zafar denied the charges on the same day in a statement. Later a legal notice was sent to Meesha by the legal counsel of Ali Zafar asking Meesha to delete the tweet and apologize, if she fails to do so then a defamation case would be filed against her of rupees hundred crores.

Last month in the session court of Lahore Ali Zafar filed a defamation case of rupees one billion. Meesha Shafi has also filed a sexual harassment case which is still pending with the concerned authorities.

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