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Ali Zafar Might Sing PSL 5 Anthem for the People


‘Tayyar Hain’ sung by Haroon, Arif Lohar, Ali Azmat and Asim Azhar has been the most disliked PSL anthem ever. People missed ‘Ali Zafar’ the voice behind the previous PSL anthems. So much so that they want him to sing the PSL 5 anthem.

In Har Lamha Purjosh, Waseem Badami asked Ali Zafar that as PSL is for Pakistan, so if Pakistanis want him to sing PSL 5 anthem, won’t he?

To this Ali Zafar replied saying that, “officially it is the PCB organization, if it approaches you then you sing a song. However, it is the people who have made me an artist. If they want me to do it, I can try, but you must ask them if all of them want me to sing it or not. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s sentiments.”

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Waseem said that we can do a poll and tomorrow we will ask you again about this. To which Ali Zafar said that if Pakistanis want him to sing then he will surely do so for them.

It is important to mention here that as of yet PSL 5 anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’ has over 3 million views with 68k dislikes and 99k likes.

With all the dislike towards the song, the important question here is that do you guys want Ali Zafar to sing the PSL 5 anthem?

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