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Ali Zafar Filed Rs1bn Damages Suit Against Meesha Shafi

The popular singer cum musician cum actor—Ali Zafar has filed a defamation suit against his fellow singer Meesha Shafi on Saturday. The female singer accused Ali Zafar previously of sexually harassing her.

Meesha Shafi took it to the platform of Twitter to accuse Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her on multiple occasions. Ali Zafar heatedly denied all the allegations.

Meesha Shafi’s claim started a firestorm on the social media, as many more women came forward sharing their experiences of getting sexually harassed. Some users dubbed it as the #MeToo Moment of Pakistan.

Ali Zafar filed the defamation suit via his counsel—Rana Intizar asking Meesha for rupees one billion for the damages.

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Zafar’s counsel presented his case before the court that Meesha by her claim has ruined the reputation of his client and that the accusations are baseless. He requested the court to order Meesha to tender an unconditional apology and to pay rupees one billion in damages.

Previously Ali Zafar has sent a legal notice to Meesha mentioning that her tweets posted on the 19th of April 2018 are fake, insulting and slanderous and have caused a huge effect to the accused singer’s reputation, livelihood and friendliness.

He said that since the defamatory statements are clearly false, it could be said with a finality that this all was a malicious campaign attempted to damage the petitioner’s good image via making false allegations against him.

In the legal notice, Ali Zafar has asked Meesha to apologise to him on the same social media platform that she used to accuse him and to pay him rupees one billion for ruining his reputation.

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