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Ali Rehman Khan’s Clarification of the Leaked Video

ali rehman khan

A leaked video has been circulating on the social media in which we can see the popular actor Ali Rehman Khan losing his cool at a McDonald’s employee.

The actor said, “Don’t you know who I am? Have you seen me on TV? You are a worker and it’s your duty to listen to me.”

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In response, the McDonald’s employee said, “Please sir, don’t be angry with us. You’re absolutely right. I was just joking.”

Now in response to the video, Ali Rehman has made a video in which he said, “We made a video on social media for it to get viral and it did get viral. The video was a social experiment to raise awareness on hashtag #tmjantayhomakonhoun culture.”

He also thanked the staff in McDonald’s for being an amazing partner in crime.

Further adding, “For rest of the message, stay tuned as there is more to come. Focus on the message and not on the messenger.”

Now we do know both sides of the story. What do you guys think about the whole situation?

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