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Ali Azmat to Bike Across Europe for 22 Days

Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat is back with another big plan. The singer took it to Facebook and announced that he would be making his way across Europe where he would cover 12,000 kilometres in 22 days on a bike.

He would be starting from London—England and then would head to France.

Time for yet another adventure. 12,000kms on a bike through Europe amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This trip has been a lifelong dream that is InshAllah about to be materialize. Will try to post regular updates when I can so you all can join me on this journey too. Wish me luck that I can achieve this feat safely and keep me in your prayers. Love AA #AliAzmat #EuroTrip #BikeJourney #AdventureTravel #SwissAlps #Nordic #FromPakistanToTheWorld #Musafir #ChaseYourDreams

Posted by Ali Azmat on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ali Azmat has not yet mentioned that when he would be beginning the trip, however, what is known is that he intends to reach France by the 2nd of August.

He would be covering Germany, Denmark, Czech, Norway and many more countries and would be completing an entire circle to London.

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There are some parts of the journey which cannot be covered on the bike so he would have to take a train, such as for getting from England to France.

Ali Azmat has got the record of earlier biking from Karachi to Lahore and has even done a Pakistan tour, hence it is making complete sense for the singer to go abroad for an international bike trip.

He said that it is a dream of his to ride via Europe in good weather, which is right about now, excluding the northern parts where it would be super cold.

The singer has taken 2 bikes on rent from London for this venture.

He further said that some of the days would be super difficult. On average they would be travelling 400 kilometres a day but a few days could go as far up as 900 kilometres. He also said that this would be 12 hours of constant travel at the fastest possible speed.

He further added that he does these kinds of ventures for himself but majorly for the pleasure of his fans also so they could enjoy the ideas he comes up with.

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