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Alcoholic Drinks Brand Recalls Bottles with Kalma Printed on Caps After Outrage

A German alcoholic drinks brand—Eichbaum has landed itself in mid of a controversy after it used the flag of Saudi Arabia on its beer bottles for an upcoming promotion.

The alcoholic drinks company used the Kingdom’s flag as part of its FIFA 2018 World Cup promotion, which would be held in Russia later this year.

As every Muslim fully knows that the Saudi Arabia’s flag features the Kalma. Eichbaum’s use of the Kingdom’s flag sparked an outrage and prompted calls for the firm to apologize and issue a notice for recalling the product.

The news went viral over the social media platforms, with many Muslims sharing the image asking for these bottles to be removed immediately from the shops.

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Users on social media joined hands against the decision taken by the firm and presented logical claims.

Some people decided to deal with the matter via proper channels, expecting to poke the Germany brewery brand into admitting its mistake.

It is apparent that a lot of social media pressure along with the protest by the Saudi authorities has forced Eichbaum to realize that it has made a grave mistake.

On the 11th of May, both Eichbaum and the Germany Embassy in Riyadh replied to this matter as well. They mentioned that the brewery brand had no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings and they had printed the bottle caps for the thirty-two nations taking part in the World Cup this year in Russia.

After the apology was published the Germany brewery brand announced that it would no more be producing these bottle caps having the Saudi flag. Furthermore, the company added that it is taking measures to withdraw all the bottles containing the Saudi flag featuring caps from all the markets where it operates.

Keeping in mind the content the Saudi flag has and its respect for Muslims, the reaction is justified.

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