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“Alchemiya”— “Netflix for Muslims” Now Plans to Pursue Asia

Abdelhamid Evans—the new CEO of the start-up video channel “Alchemiya” said that there is an immediate and definite need for having a positive media content focusing on Muslims and about Muslims. Alchemiya is like a “Netflix for Muslims”.

Evans informed that Alchemiya would be like a platform for voicing the Muslim culture. In present times there is a rise in hate crimes and anti-Muslim feelings that seem to be sanctioned even at the government levels increasingly.

He informed while talking to the Arab News that the channel would just have artists displaying their skills and talent either may they be writers or poets or musicians or more. There would be no preaching or teachings and even no politics.

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Alchemiya is referred to as “Netflix for Muslims” commonly. Presently it features a small but high-quality content related to Muslim lifestyle—including travel and history along with the cooking and arts and documentaries and film.

As per the channel, there are five thousand registered users across forty different nations.

Navid Akhtar—a BBC veteran for the first time launched Alchemiya back in the year in 2014. Evans informed that at the time of the launch he was approached by Navid to join him in 2014, but he decided to join the team this year as he believes that there is a convergence of global trends that would make Alchemiya a hit.

Evans gave details that they are aiming for the worldwide urban educated Muslims—a demographic that is expanding in numbers.

He informed that Alchemiya plans to up scale its video library to five hundred films within just the next years’ time. For assisting in funding this quick expansion, it would open a new round of funding with crowd investment platform CrowdCube in the coming weeks. This would be the third round of investment.

Evans said that Alchemiya is a moneymaking project—that comes from the heart. He added that we want to encourage peace, as without peace we have nothing as a society.

He added that we want to provide a platform for the talented Muslim filmmakers for placing their content. He said that Alchemiya would tap off five present of its revenues into an organization that would help to start the careers of the Muslim filmmakers.

He said that we think if we could make a good jump we would be able to make good profits for the company—it is a mission for promoting what we love and making it appealing for people who feel the same.

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