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Alaska Airlines declared the Best Airline for 2018

As per the new analysis by personal finance site WalletHub, Alaska Airlines is declared the best airline for 2018. The finance site gave the verdict on basis of in-flight cost, comfort rate, incidents, baggage, facilities, complaint, and departures.

Other than Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines was ranked in the top 5 list. The list compared the 9 biggest airlines in the USA and two domestic carriers.

The last spot was given to Spirit Airlines but it managed to take the spot of being the cheapest airline.

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Delta Air Lines is considered the most reliable airline, with lowest delay or issues of cancellation. Any complaints from this airline, be it relating to boarding or baggage issues are, almost zero. JetBlue Airways offers a luxurious ride with complimentary snacks and beverages, free Wi-Fi, more legroom for the passengers, thus the ride is extremely comfortable, As for the Southwest Airlines, they had the lowest complaint rate in 2017. The highest complaint rate was from Spirit and Frontier Airlines.

The best airline for pets is Hawaiian while United Airlines and American Airlines recorded highest animal-related incidents that even includes the injury and death of animals.

As per the US Department of Transportation, the highest rate of animal deaths was seen in United Airline in 2017. 18 animals died in the airline last years in comparison to 2 each in the American Airlines, Alaska, and Delta Air Lines.

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The cost was also taken as a criterion to rank the airlines as it was related to in-flight benefits “for the sake of fairness.” The report said, “For example, it wouldn’t be right to penalize an airline that charges for drinks if its tickets are far cheaper than those from an airline with free in-flight refreshments.”

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