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Alamgir Goes through a Successful Kidney Transplant

Alamgir Haq

Yesterday, famous singer Alamgir Haq went through a successful kidney transplant in the United States of America.

Alamgir shared the good news with his fans and well-wishers with a photo from the hospital. Moreover, he thanked them for praying for his health and speedy recovery.

The singer wrote; Transplant was a success. Thanks to all of your prayers, my kidney transplant was successful.

According to the details, he had been battling weakening health for a few years, and also, he was diagnosed with double kidney failure in 2004.

Earlier yesterday, he had told fans he will be going through the surgery and requested prayers.

Previously in June, reports of his death were revolving all around on social media. Later on, actor Bushra Ansari shared her phone call with him to confirm that he was well and alive.

Bushra Ansari on the call said that you have become 100-years-old and not passed away. You have survived till now so you don’t have any right to die. Also, Alamgir can be heard laughing in the video and responds: I will not die before 200.

Alamgir Haq is one of the innovators of pop music in Pakistan. He is commonly known as Baba-e-Pop which interprets as King of Pop. His style of singing is stimulated by playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and Elvis Presley.

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