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Al-Haj FAW increases its vehicle prices again

Now that all leading automakers in Pakistan have increased their car prices, Al-Haj FAW has also increased its car prices by PKR 35,000. It is the second time in 2018 that Al-Haj FAW has increased its vehicle prices. Last time the automaker raised the prices at the start of the year.

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FAW Carrier Standard

  • Old Price: Rs 799,000
  • New Price: Rs 819,000
  • Change: PKR 20,000

FAW Carrier Flat Bed

  • Old Price: Rs 789,000
  • New Price: Rs 809,000
  • Change: PKR 20,000

FAW Carrier Deckless

  • Old Price: Rs 779,000
  • New Price: Rs 799,000
  • Change: PKR 20,000

The Additional Cost for AC is Rs 41,000

FAW V2 Manual Transmission

  • Old Price: 1,119,000
  • New Price: 1,154,000
  • Change: PKR 35,000

FAW X-PV Standard

  • Old Price: Rs 899,000
  • New Price: Rs 919,000
  • Change: PKR 20,000


  • Old Price: Rs 949,000
  • New Price: Rs 969,000
  • Change: PKR 20,000

FAW X-PV W/O Rear Seat is Rs 949,000

All these prices are ex-factory.

As per the company

“The prices of all FAW vehicles are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall apply if rates of existing duties/taxes are increased or new duties/taxes are levied by the government then such increase would be paid by the customer prior to the delivery of the vehicles.”

The reason all the auto companies in Pakistan are increasing the car prices is that of the devaluation of rupee against dollar. The price of the dollar in Rupee currency has gone so high that it has shaken the overall economy of Pakistan. Taxes are being increased on raw materials, prices have gone high, and thus the auto companies had no option but to increase the car prices, the second time in just three months. Other than the auto companies, the oil industry, business industry and other services are also suffering because of the rupee devaluation against the dollar.