AKU Plans to Initiate Clinical Trials of Portable Ventilators


Earlier today, AKU (Aga Khan University) has planned to begin the clinical trials of a portable, low-cost ventilator designed to make lifesaving medical treatment like assisted breathing, available to patients in ambulances, on the way to hospitals.

As per the reports, ventilators are presently only available in hospitals even though most patients with serious breathing problems need earlier access to breathing assistance. AKU’s briefcase-sized, the battery-operated ventilator is designed to be used in an ambulance to decrease delays in the deliverance of medical care.

Dr. Junaid Razzak AKU’s center of excellence for human trauma emergencies Director said that many precious lives are lost due to the lack of timely and effective ventilation. This invention will help in filling the gap in care during transport to the hospital, which is often the period of highest risk for critically ill patients.

Moreover, AKU emphasized in the statement that Pakistan has a high incidence of respiratory diseases, with pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) being 2 of the top 10 leading causes of death in the country, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. People with severe forms of pneumonia, COPD, and coronavirus are among those who require urgent access to ventilation and portable ventilators can suitably serve the purpose.

Early tests show that the sample ventilator can provide a regular supply of oxygen that can alleviate the health of a high-fidelity patient mannequin imitating the symptoms of a patient with respiratory issues. On the other hand, clinical trials aim to assess the safety and worth of the device among patients with chronic breathing problems in ambulances and emergency rooms.

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