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Ajmal Wazir Disproves the News of Missing Zaireen

The news came out which said that around 1100 zaireen were missing. But recently Ajmal Wazir Khan Adviser to the Chief Minister Khyber PK for information disproved the news of the missing zaireen.

He addressed at a press conference that the zaireen are not missing, they all are in the quarantine center due to coronavirus suspicion.

According to the advisor, only one person has been tested positive with the coronavirus who came from Iran to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Ajmal Wazir also said that the Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme has provided all the needy and deserving people with Rs.1,2000 currently.

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He further added that China has always been a brother to Pakistan and has always helped Pakistan in difficult times. This is the reason people of both nations are close to each other and have an everlasting bond of friendship.

The advisor said all this after distributing masks and ration among the poor people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which the Chinese government sent to Pakistan in order to help to fight the crises amid COVID-19.

The Chinese embassy recently dispatched 100,000 flour bags and 10,000 masks from the needy people in Islamabad.

Ajmal Wazir Khan has distributed these dispatched items sent by the Chinese among a large number of people in the press conference.

He also thanked the government of China and the Chinese Ambassador for their help to the people of Pakistan.

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