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AJK Tops In Pakistan Education Rankings 2017


Azad Jammu & Kashmir three districts topped in Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017. Mirpur, Kotli, and Bhimber were the three top districts of AJK in terms of education. The fourth position went to Shaikhupura, district of Punjab.

Looking from the bottom, Qila Abdullah, Sujwal, and Orakzai Agency received lowest ranking in Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017.

The ranking defines the performance and development of education in all districts of Pakistan.

The irony is that AJK is at the bottom in terms of infrastructure with a score of 28.4 while Punjab is at the top in infrastructure with a score of 92.8.

Despite this AJK pass with flying colors in the education sector. From other provinces, Haripur from KPK received 9th position while Quetta from Baluchistan was ranked 14th.

Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri, SDPI executive director, spoke regarding these rankings that they will help in identifying the areas that need to improve to enhance the quality of education.

He further said that reasons of children leaving schools especially at middle school need to be explored. Also, he explained that the results of the report can help political parties in establishing their education policies.

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Two factor do require attention as per Dr. Suleri are retention and improvement in gender parity index.

While complimenting AJK on its education system we need to be concerned about why other larger provinces of Pakistan are so far behind in education. Where is the money going? Is the education budget really used on improving education in the provinces? Some questions that need to be answered.