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AJK Govt lifts Ban on Daily and Friday Prayers in Mosques

It has been decided by the AJK government that the ban on daily and Friday prayers as well as Taraweeh is to be lifted.

After Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider had a meeting with the religious scholars and prayer leaders this decision was taken. In the meeting, it was decided that restrictions on assembly of over five worshippers in Mosques are to be lifted.

Dr. Mustafa Bashir Abbasi the Information technology minister said that it is essential that the prayer leaders and religious scholars ensure precautionary measures. This includes the removal of carpets for a certain time period, disinfection sprays five times a day and a 3-foot gap between worshippers wearing masks.

Mr. Abbasi regarding the return of stranded Pakistanis and Kashmiris said that the federal government is to permit the return of them from different countries in the next few days.

He said, “Such travellers will first go in a weeklong quarantine at their respective port of entry, such as Islamabad or Lahore, following which they will be allowed to travel to AJK but only after obtaining two negative results from the concerned health authorities.”

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Adding, “In AJK, they will have to go for another weeklong quarantine, either at their homes or in the state run quarantine centres.”

It is pertinent to mention here that no suspected patient tested positive for COVID-19 in AJK over the last 48 hours as per a cabinet member.

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