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AirSial to Receive Aircraft in 2020 to Commence its Flight Operations in Pakistan


A second-time relaxation is given by the government to AirSial by not seizing the security deposit of the airline. It is expected that AirSial will receive aircraft this year to launch its flight operations in the country.

During the tenure of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government, the airline was given the license for starting flight operations in Pakistan, however, it failed to comply with the condition for getting the Air Operator Certificate prior to launching the flights.

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Aviation division officials revealed that the request for the renewal of AirSial’s Regular Public Transport (RPT) license was forwarded by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that will be effective from 5th September 2019.

AirSial was issued the RPT license in 2017 but the airline was not able to get the Air Operator Certificate to begin the flight operations within the stipulated time period of two years.

The National Aviation Policy (NAP) 2019, under the paragraph 4.3.1 states, “if an operator including the Regular Public Transport or non-Regular Public Transport fails to obtain Air Operator Certificate within a maximum of two years’ time frame from the date of issuance of respective license, then 10% of the total security deposit will be levied as non-conformance charge. Subsequently, a fresh license has to be applied while its remaining security deposit shall be refunded.”

CAA gave the cabinet details regarding the efforts made by the airline to meet the regulatory requirements and acquire aircraft by finalizing a Letter of Intent (LOI) with AerCap.

A copy of the confirmation letter from AerCap Ireland Limited was provided as well for the lease of three Airbus A320 aircraft. The delivery of these aircraft is expected in April and May 2020.

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