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Airport Tax to be Paid in Pak Rupees instead of Dollar

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The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has taken the decision of taking the airport charges in Pak rupees instead of US dollars at the airports throughout the nation from the international passengers.

As per a notification issued by the aviation authority for avoiding any inconvenience to the passengers, the Airport Charges would be collected in Pakistani rupees.

Earlier, the passengers going abroad used to pay $20 as the airport charges.

CAA took the decision to charge in rupees in light of the changing value of the dollar in the market, as passengers were suffering immensely owing to the rate of the greenback.

As per the notification, the aviation authority would charge Rs.2,800 from the international passengers.

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The previous month, the CAA ended the aeronautical charges on the local flights at all the airports, under the new aviation policy. The Prime Minister—Imran Khan took the major measure for reviving the aviation industry.

The decision would for sure be of advantage to the local flight operators which include Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as the CAA has nullified the aircraft landing charges on the private airlines.

Furthermore, the charges which were being revived for parking, power supplies, terminal navigation and boarding were also ended.

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