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Airbus Experts Probe Plane Crash Site


A team of foreign experts that belonged to the manufacturer of the A320 plane which crashed last week near Karachi airport arrived in the city. They aim to help in the current probe of the crash.

43 of the 97 bodies have been identified. The DNA samples of the rest have been taken to cross check with those of their family members. There are just two survivors of the plane crash. The rest, all 97 passengers and crewmembers of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) Lahore-Karachi flight PK-8303 have died in the crash in Model Colony on May 22.

11-member team was sent by Airbus to Pakistan. The aim is to provide complete technical assistance to Pakistani authorities that are in charge of this investigation as well as the PIA.

A global body, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Association (Ifalpa) said that one of its expert airline pilots need to be included as adviser to the president of the Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board (AAIB).

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Sindh government said that there is less confidence in the investigation team formed by the federal government and demanded a new one which can have pilots’ representation.

A PIA spokesperson said, “DNA tests are being carried out for the identification of remaining [54] bodies. It’s a difficult process that requires time.”

He said, “A team of University of Health Sciences, Lahore, in cooperation with the Sindh government is also working on DNA testing.”

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