Airbus Determines The Future Of Aeroplanes By Planning Pilotless Planes

Airbus has predicted the future of aero planes and flights. As per Airbus in the future, we would see aircraft without pilots, bespoke air cabins and electric vehicles that can fly.

The chief technological officer Paul Eremenko talked about it in the RISE tech conference held in Hong Kong. He said that they are already working on personalizing passenger planes. People do wish that they travel in a sound proof, climate controlled area.

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As per a report by Airbus has been planning and working on this project for over a year now. The company has also conducted air trials. Along with this Airbus is also working on the project of the self-piloted autonomous flying car called Vahana.

By the end of 2017 testing on a full-size prototype would be undertaken. Eremenko said that their mission is to start the third dimension in cities. He informed that rise of megacities and technological development has fuelled electric short-hop flight travel. Eremenko toned down the safety issues saying that pilotless flights are a possibility in near future. He also believed that soon in urban areas people would be able to fly with freedom more than they can drive freely.