A320 AP BLU is the first PIA aircraft that will carry Markhor Logo.

PIA tweeted, “It’s happening as we speak! Work has already started on the new vibrant and dynamic livery of PIA. A320 AP BLU will the first aircraft to carry new colors. PIA- We fly at the right attitude!”

PIA also tweeted, “The dynamic new livery of PIA is going up on A320 AP BLU!!”

Previously PIA also tweeted, “Contrary to speculations, the new livery is still on track and will be unveiled within days. Due to abrupt groundings of a couple of B777s on technical concerns, we felt to prefer greater customer convenience over aesthetics. At #PIA we fly at the right attitude #V1

We informed our readers last month that PIA is rebranding its aircraft with Markhor logo. Well now its really happening. PIA has started working on it and Airbus A320 will be the first PIA aircraft to carry the new logo.

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said, “This is the first brand change in 10 years. Markhor is our national animal which can be found in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.”

So it seems clear that the aim of the national carrier of Pakistan is to preserve the national animal of Pakistan through painting it on its aircraft.

The CEO of PIA said, “Official logo of PIA has been changed with the image of national animal Markhor and administration of the national carrier constantly trying to achieve the target to make PIA a top of the list airline of the world.”

Well, we really hope that changing the logo will make PIA the top airline in the world.

It is also pertinent to mention here that PIA has issued another notification which states that if you are traveling from New Islamabad International Airport, you have to reach the airport 5 hours earlier from your boarding time.

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