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Air Quality Improving in Quarantined Nations

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Air Quality is improving in all the quarantined nations across the globe, as per experts. They also have said that however, it is too early to make any guess about the long-term change.

The images by the US space agency are clear. The Nitrogen dioxide concentration fell drastically in the month of February in Wuhan, China, which is the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic.

The nitrogen dioxide gas is produced by the industrial sites, vehicles and thermal power stations.

As China is through its crisis stage, the recent images by the European Space Agency (ESA) have shown a reemergence of the NO2 emissions.

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A significant reduction has also been seen by the ESA in northern Italy, which has also been locked down for curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The ESA reports a similar kind of change in Madrid and Barcelona, where the authorities of Spain have issued a confinement order.

NO2 or nitrogen dioxide is a short-lived pollutant. It has got a lifespan of nearly one day in the atmosphere, as informed by a member of the EU earth surveillance programme Copernicus.

The gas stays close to the sources of emission and could be used as a measure of the intensity of the activity in the different sectors.

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