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Air India’s Special Flight Receives a Warm Welcome from Pakistan

Pakistan’s ATC (Air Traffic Controller) welcomed special flights of Air India which was carrying relief material and leaving European nationals to their particular cities.

Pakistan’s Air Traffic Controller welcomed the Air India’s flights with Salaam. The special flight was coming from India and going to Frankfurt when it entered FIR (Flight Information Region) of Pakistan.

The ATC Pakistan asked the flight to confirm that they are operating these relief flights from Frankfurt to which the captain of Air India responded affirmatively.

Pakistan appreciated India for this flight operation in the middle of the coronavirus spread.

ATC appreciated and wished them good luck for the initiative they were carrying out.

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The senior captain from the special flights said that they felt happy and proud when they saw Pakistan ATC praising and lauding their flight operations to Europe.

 The Captain asked ATC for the next radar to Iran’s airspace but ATC Pakistan put across India’s jet position to Tehran’s airspace.

ANI was told by the Indian captain that this had happened for the first time in the history of his career that a Middle East country provided them with a direct route. Iran wouldn’t have given them a direct route as their routes are reserved for Iran’s defence use only.

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