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Air Blue gets double haj Quota as compared to PIA—Report

According to the sources, newly elected PM of Pakistan is using his office power for personal gains, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi hand picked by disqualified ex-prime minister is following the footsteps of his leader by allocating the government resources for deepening their pockets.

That is why PIA and other government owned organizations are not performing well in the market and not able to add something worth mentioning in national exchequer.

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The federal government has doubled the quota of Air Blue which is reportedly owned by current PM, the quota allows the airline to cater 60,000 hajj pilgrims as compared to 30,000 given to PIA.

The most interesting part is, the company has its first ever experience in catering Hajj pilgrims and conduct Hajj operations, the quota granted by the government to Air Blue on what criteria is above explanation and beyond senses.

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The sources also claim that government controlled civil aviation authority has made frivolous changes to the PIA schedule and operations, which is putting the national flag airline in jeopardy.

Flights scheduled to take-off at 12:30pm earlier in the throughout history of PIA are changed to 7:30pm which is a huge time difference causing troubles for pilgrims.

Sources also claim that aircrafts leased for hajj operations to PIA have less capacity of storage, Passengers also face difficulties in sorting their luggage when they arrive at Saudi Arabia, analysts claiming it a deliberate attempt to make PIA notorious among Pakistani passengers.

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  1. Why would you post some rubbish which can be verified soo easily?
    Literally took me 2 minutes to Google.
    Abbasi is not the owner of Airblue
    PIA is not carrying 30,000 and Airblue is not carrying 60,000 passengers. Just ask PIA itself lol

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