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Ainak wala Jinn’s ‘Bil Batori’ Passed Away

Actress Nusrat Ara the legendary lady who played the role of Bil Batori in children’s beloved drama series Ainak Wala Jinn passed away today morning around 9 am.

The actress was admitted at Jinnah Hospital Lahore because of respiratory issues, she was then moved to ICU because of her worsening condition, as per media reports.
She was sixty-five years old.

Her funeral is held today after Maghrib prayers at the Miyani Sahib graveyard, Lahore.

She was initially a resident of Karachi but shifted to Lahore sometime back in search of better work opportunities within the Pakistani drama industry.

She gained her name and acknowledgment by the character of Bil Batori in the 90s. Her role was a negative one but still, she gained fame.

She was not much appreciated in other characters which she did after Ainak Wala Jinn.
Due to lack of good working opportunities, she was even having financial troubles. She was residing in a one-bedroom shabby home somewhere in Samanabad. She even had to beg at Data Ganj Bakhsh to meet her basic needs, which otherwise was not possible for her to afford.

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She expressed during an interview that she had no other choice but to beg, in order to survive as she was also having health issues. She also added that she had been living on the food from the shrine and has tried her best to combat her circumstances independently without seeking any help or whatsoever but with growing age, she has become tired and weak.

She felt it was bad that the government did not acknowledge her struggles of the past years even so she served the entertainment industry.
In response to that Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM) announced the provision of 1 million rupees for the actress’s treatment.

MD of PBM, Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh also announced a total of fifty thousand rupees separately for her daily requirements. He said as per his information Nusrat Ara had a stroke and is under treatment at the hospital.

The actress was pleased with the gesture and appreciated the Punjab government for their support.
She also said that the artists are nation’s assets and deserve to be respected. She said she does not want to be pitied.

After her death her family was contacted, her son told that Nusrat Ara was doing better ever since the government aid with which she cleared her rents and hospital bill but from the last month she was down and mostly in bed, until the morning of her demise when her condition got critical and she was taken to the hospital in an emergency where she died.

On her death, many actors and actresses from industry expressed their grievances and said that the government should take steps to build some support system for such stars so that the actors/actresses are not led to such conditions that they have no options left except to beg.

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Bil Batori’s character was an interesting character of the drama in the 90s, she would for sure be missed.