AI For Earth Program By Microsoft Will Offer Solutions To Environmental Problems

In the AI event held in London, Microsoft has introduced a program that will bring technology and environment closer. AI for Earth, the program is announced by Microsoft which would aid in solving the huge environmental problems faced by our Earth. This program is led by Lucas Joppa, Microsoft’s chief environmental scientist.

More than $2 million is invested by Microsoft to fight environmental problems from water to agriculture, climate change and biodiversity around the world.

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Microsoft would provide access to cloud and AI resources along with conducting technology training sessions and projects. AI would transform various sectors from education to transportation, agriculture, and health department.

AI for Earth program would change the environment by offering AI tools and services to non-governmental organizations. This would allow those organizations to tackle water, climate change, and agriculture along with biodiversity problems easily.

Environmental issues are growing globally; fresh water has become a luxury. Climate change has caused species to die. All kinds of pollution have totally destroyed Earth. In midst of this calamity, this announcement by Microsoft is quite welcoming.

The aim of the program is to create a more sustainable future. We need more such programs where technology does not just harm our environment but bring positive change so that our future generations can also breathe in fresh air and live in a healthy atmosphere.